20th Anniversary –Habitat for Humanity


This year June 2014 was a big celebration of the company and partnering with Habitat for Humanity Toronto was the best decision we could ever have made. Throughout the year we raised funds and had a goal of $25 000 and we met that goal over and beyond our expectations and raised about $40 000. I would like to thank everyone that participated in achieving that goal and a special thanks to Angela for all her help and guidance that led us to achieve our goal and to the CSR Team for all their efforts and hard work.


At the celebration dinner Angela from Habitat made the most awesome speech that came from the heart and not a piece of paper and Resource Group should be really proud that they can put that impression on someone like Angela. Her speech was so powerful that that she created a certain atmosphere in the room and through her speech she touched some people. Angela has connected one of our vendors in the US to the Habitat in their region and ever since has blossomed into a relationship that will last for a long time, Angela is so proud that she has that effect on people.


Habitat for Humanity is one of the few charities that you can physically see your donation being used and how it touch families lives and help them grow in the community and become independent and proud of what they have achieved because they’ve been given a hand up and not a hand out, the families also work hard to be able achieve their goal in life and become a home owner.

This year we have decided to continue our relationship with Habitat for Humanity with a little “twist” we will be going national and help our sales and servicing reps across Canada to contribute to their local Habitat for Humanity and hopefully inspire people to give back to their community the way Resource Group have instilled it in their employees and reps.



We look forward to another successful year ahead.





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