A Partnership with Yonge Street Mission

A Partnership with Yonge Street Mission

Giving back to the community has been a part of ReSource Group Canada for many years and is part of our mission statement. I am excited that we have recently entered a long term partnership with Yonge Street Mission in Toronto.

YSM is committed to eradicating chronic poverty in Toronto within one generation. Our vision is toDSCF3009_edited develop vibrant communities of healthy, fully engaged citizens who can sustain themselves and their families. For more than 120 years, The Yonge Street Mission has been on the front-lines in Toronto, helping people from every walk of life to rise out of poverty. YSM have evolved services from the first days delivering bread and milk, to the current role as a safe place for the city’s most vulnerable.

Today, YSM has six locations in Toronto’s downtown core that offer more than 100 programs designed to help individuals and families from every walk of life to rise out of poverty.

What excites me about this partnership is that this is not only about financial support but also about serving. This is an opportunity for us to volunteer in some of the many programmes YSM has and engage with families and youth.
Our initial financial support of $ 5,000 is a start of working with this vital ministry in Toronto to eliminate poverty.



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