Celebrating 20 Years

20 years a milestone – 20 years Service and Integrity

On June 1st 2014 we celebrated ReSource Group Canada’s 20th year. In 1994 Claus Lenk had a vision to create a sales agency that is based on service and integrity. Furthermore the scope of the agency had to be National and have expertise in all trade classification in the Canadian Consumer Electronics Industry.


The recession in the early nineties and the downsizing of sales forces for most consumer electronics manufacturers in Canada created the opportunity to launch ReSource Group Canada. Manufacturers now needed a solution that was not only cost effective, but provided for account management, relationships, sales expertise and industry knowledge.

In 1994 there was a team of one, today there is  a team of 32 dedicated to the sales process and retail execution.


Over the last 2o years the CE Industry has changed dramatically. Most of the product categories sold sell today, did not exist in 1994. Manufacturers and retailers have changed, and with it the sales process has become more dynamic and analytical.  Sales tools available today did not exist in 1994 and communication is now instant.


As ReSource Group expanded its sales volume, vendor base and customer reach in the first decade,   infrastructure developed with the necessary management to take the company further.


  • – Sales Management: Developing sales goals and distribution strategies for each brand
  • – Brand Management: Forecasting, sales analysis and product knowledge
  • – Rep Management: Driving sales by product category, sales channel and geography
  • – Customer Service: Facilitating a smooth order process and logistics
  • – New Business Development: Launching  new product lines and categories to the Canadian market

Sourcefest 2012-531 - Imation

In 2009 the company embarked on Vision 2020, an ambitious and comprehensive strategic plan for growth over the next decade with the following objectives:


  • – Grow the business with moderate risk
  • – Develop and implement a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
  • – Develop a leadership pipeline
  • – Ensure the corporate structure & functions are capable of sustaining  as the business prospers & grows


Although 2009 was the year the recession started, ReSource Group expanded and grew. The new division, Sell Through ReSources was created to provide a service for manufacturers to train and support retail staff. This venture has been successful and continues to contribute to the growth of the company.


Sell Through ReSource has proven to be the differentiator in driving sell through and being a major asset to vendors participating in this programme.


Over the next few years investments were made in additional team members, IT infrastructure, expanded facilities and additional product lines.


Growth came from new channels such as online, wireless, fashion, office, food and drug, airport, sporting goods as well as new vendors and emerging technologies.


The management team was enhanced and an executive team was created.

In 2013 Jeremy Lenk and Brian Stanojevic became Corporate Directors and were promoted to Executive Vice Presidents.


There have been many changes in the last 20 years, manufacturers, brands and retailers have come and gone. “As we go forward our mission, Our approach to sales and business are based on integrity in business” must and will remain our standard.” States Claus Lenk

Going forward, the leadership of ReSource Group Canada will be headed by Jeremy  Lenk and Brian Stanojevic and the new generation of managers. You will see the same steady growth and a business based on mutual respect and integrity. You will also see new ideas, new technologies and fresh strategies.


“As we celebrate 2o years and look forward to the next phase in this exciting industry


I want to thank our vendor partners and, retail partners for their support and partnership. We are proud of the recognition we have received. Over the last 5 years we have received no less than 8 awards from vendors and retailers as a result of our commitment to their success and approach to business.


Lastly I want to thank our management, staff and sales team for their support and partnership. Without their dedication, creativity, hard work and forward thinking these 25 years would have not been possible.” states Claus Lenk