Jeremy S. Lenk

 Jeremy S. Lenk, CSP

President and CEO

Jeremy joined ReSource Group Canada in 1999 and was appointed President in May 2017. Jeremy has launched several marketing initiatives including the Connected ReSources marketing division. In his capacity, Jeremy assumes the leadership of the company and is responsible for the overall management, as well as focus on its future development and expansion including new channels and business opportunities.



Claus K. Lenk

Chief Financial Officer

Claus founded the company in 1994 and has provided leadership and vision, which has resulted in its current success. Under Claus’ leadership the company has grown from a small Ontario sales agency to a National Sales and Marketing Agency with representatives covering all Canadian provinces, as well as two marketing divisions, Sell Through ReSources and Connected ReSources. Claus has guided the company as President until May 2017 and now servers as CFO In this capacity, Claus is responsible for the financial performance of the company, corporate budgets, monitoring of operating costs, and the overall financial health and integrity. Claus is also responsible for IT infrastructure.


Brian Stanojevic

Brian Stanojevic, CSP

Chief Operating Officer

Brian joined ReSource Group Canada in 2000 after ten successful years in consumer electronics sales. Brian joined the executive team as Vice President in 2007 and was appointed Chief Operating Office in May 2017. Brian was responsible for launching the company’s very successful Sell Through ReSources division. In his capacity, Brian works hands-on with the ReSource Group Canada salesforce, directing sales focus, achievement of sales goals, and general sales management. Brian works closely with Jeremy on visioning and development of resources.


Candy Solomons

Candy Solomons

Director of Operations

Candy is Office Manager and part of the executive team. She is responsible for corporate accounting, human resources, overall office management as well as the head of customer service.


Dennis Pinargote

Dennis Pinargote, CSP

Brand Manager

Dennis joined ReSource Group to head up the company’s Sell Through ReSources Division. Dennis comes well qualified from a back ground of coaching and resource management. Dennis is the Brand Manager for FUJIFILM, Monster, Elgato, as well as other brands in our STEM portfolio of products. Dennis is responsible for daily sales operations & execution and works closely with our team of national account managers to achieve sales goals.  In May of 2017 he has completed the Certified Sales Professional course with Distinction




Jordana Kelly

Jordana Kelly,  CSP

Brand Manager

Jordana has served in several roles at ReSource Group Canada, from trainer, sales rep, Sell Through ReSources Manager and now Brand manager.  Jordana came to ReSource Group Canada with a background in professional sales and creative fine arts. She became a CSP professional in 2012 and has since helped ReSource Group grow its business by working closely with our national sales team and our vendors.










Sales Team

  • Charles Andre Pelletier
  • Dennis Pinargote
  • Jordana Kelly
  • Joseph Holtzman
  • Jeremy S. Lenk
  • Ken McDonald
  • Geoff Rogers
  • Martin Sayle
  • Brian Riquelme
  • Ramin Shahidian
  • Brian Stanojevic
  • Mark Wallace
  • Macky Rebelo