Our Commitment to Investing in our team

In 2010 we developed our Vision 2020 strategy. That included a refined mission statement that included our commitment to integrity, an ongoing investment in all of our employees and a genuine commitment to always give back to the community.

The past two years we have undertaken our most significant investment ever in the development of our entire team.

Our new partnership with Teneo Results has resulted in our entire team being CSP (Canadian Sales Professional) certified. This is something that we are extremely proud of.  Further, we are even prouder that our team completed distinction level at a higher % than any other team that Teneo Results has been involved in.

What does this all mean? We have always prided ourselves in the approach to business that we have taken. We have always sought out synergistic win-win relationships. Today we take this further. We ask even more and better questions. We invest even more time in the consultative conversation and the very way that we do business has improved with the end goal of creating new and better business opportunities for both our retailer and vendor partners.

The investment in Teneo Results, while a significant financial investment, has required a considerable investment in time, study and real-world practice by all of our team members. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. We are extremely proud of our entire team for the commitments that they have put forth with this important initiative

Today we are more prepared than ever for the constant changing retail and distribution landscape. We are ready for 2020 and beyond!



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