Women’s Build – September 2013

I attended the Woman’s Build, September 18, 2013 and this was the first day  which they called the “ground breaking day” because all the sponsors and families were there to open up the sight for the builders to start. I was in a group of ladies that moved in their neighbourhood around the same time and started their families around the same time and their kids grew up together like brothers and sisters and they would go on vacations together, so this year instead of planning a vacation they thought they would participate in the women’s build to build a home together as a team, which I thought was very cool. I called them the “desperate housewives”. The results were amazing! Donned in hard hats and tool belts, women from 16-88 years old came together to make a difference. Women’s Build’s was a great success and all the women raised over a $1,000,000.

– Candy Solomons



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