Case Studies

We have deep experience building brands in Canada.  We work hard to develop a deep understanding of brand strategy and develop a comprehensive business plan that is localized for the Canadian market.   

ReSource Group Canada part of cultural shift with Beats by Dre 

The launch of Beats by Dre coincided with a transformational period in consumer electronics – the shift to the mobile phones for music and media consumption.  Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre’s partnership brought high-end, trend-setting headphones into the market, completely re-energizing an electronics category that had previously been an afterthought at retail.

At the time, other major brands headphone price points were well below $100 and were not the mass appeal products that they are today.  Introducing a $350 pair of on-ear Beats by Dre headphones was met with a great deal of sticker shock. 

While Jimmy and Dr Dre drove marketing magic, ReSource Group Canada was engaged to bring the product to Canadians.  Given the target customer, we introduced a diverse channel strategy, taking the Beats brand to consumer electronics, telco, fashion, sporting goods, mass and lifestyle retailers.  We quickly captured the attention of the key senior merchants and strategists – we weren’t selling a product, we were selling a concept of what the headphone business could look like.

Now, 10 years after the first Beats Studio headphone was sold, the category is a $20B ++ business globally.  We helped develop the necessary sales strategies to increase product awareness and excitement. We brought an incredible level of passion to the brand, ensuring that the brands’ integrity was never compromised. 

We take tremendous pride in knowing that we brought so many new retailers into the headphone category and even more pride that ReSource Group Canada was part of one of the most significant cultural shifts in consumer electronics.