Our Story

Recognizing the need by many Consumer Electronics manufacturers for a contracted professional sales force, Claus Lenk founded ReSource Group Canada in 1994. The company was focused solely on sales within the Canadian consumer electronics industry.  Many of the products, sales channels and online platforms of today did not exist in 1994 however, despite the dramatic changes to the consumer electronics industry and retail landscape, ReSource Group Canada has succeeded thanks to a continued focus on operating with integrity, passion and creativity. 

Over the first 15 years, as Resource Group Canada expanded its sales volume, vendor base and customer reach, the infrastructure around sales management, brand management and customer service evolved.  A subsequent focus on business development saw an increased number of product lines and categories including STEM and Smart Home enter the Canadian market through the company.

In 2009, the company embarked on Vision 2020, an ambitious and comprehensive strategic plan for growth over the next decade.  This plan included a focus on growth with moderate risk, development of a leadership pipeline, creation of a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and enhanced corporate governance.

In 2010, ReSource Group Canada recognized the need to drive sell through at the retail level and expanded to create a new division, Sell Through ReSources.  This new offering focused on delivering in depth product training and support to retail staff and has continued to be a key asset to participating vendors.

 In 2013, Jeremy Lenk and Brian Stanojevic became Corporate Directors.  With a strong focus on new business development, Jeremy and Brian championed new and emerging technologies and drove growth in the online retail space.

In 2017, Jeremy Lenk was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer. Brian Stanojevic was appointed Chief Operating Officer and Claus Lenk moved into the position of Chief Financial Officer of ReSource Group Canada.  With a strong national sales force and solid infrastructure in place, ReSource Group Canada expanded internationally and added new lifestyle product categories. A vigorous training and development program for account managers, brand managers and executives was launched in 2016. Team members are continually exposed to the latest sales and marketing methods, communication strategies and social networking platforms.

Connected ReSources, another new division, was launched in 2019 with the objective of helping brands develop an online sales strategy thus enabling them to achieve success on the Amazon platform. 

Today, the company maintains the entrepreneurial spirit that is so essential in today’s fast moving and rapidly changing economy.