ReSource Group Canada supports Covid 19 Vaccinations and gives back to the community

The management of ReSource Group Canada developed safety measures for its team right from the start of the pandemic. Once vaccines were available and team members were eligible Management introduced incentives for the team to get vaccinated. 

RGC has donated $ 100 to Yonge Street Mission in support of the YSM Mental Health programme for each individual vaccinated. In addition, there was a generous Starbuck gift card and a day off. 

“Today almost all team members are fully vaccinated, and we are grateful for the support the vaccination programme has received. Covid19 has been hard on many of us. The priority for our business needs to be health and safety of our team. At the same time we want to express our thanks to all health providers who have worked tirelessly to get us to stage when we can look forward to normalcy” states Claus Lenk, CFO